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Trumbull Agriscience & Biotechnology Center

High school students from Trumbull and nine other surrounding towns participate in the Regional Agriscience and Biotechnology program, supported by the Trumbull Board of Education and the State of Connecticut. Agriscience students are afforded the opportunity to work in state-of-the-art labs to study organic chemistry and biotechnology. Those students with an agricultural orientation learn about animal sciences for future careers in fields such as veterinary medicine, animal husbandry and equine science. Plant Science careers include landscape design, greenhouse management and high-tech professions, including hydroponics and tissue culture.

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Click here to view the Trumbull Agriscience and Biotechnology Center Informational video

Recent News: The Center received a designation from the state of Connecticut as the #1 school for teaching plant science in the state. In 2014, we received this same designation for the teaching of animal science. 

“The Trumbull Agriscience and Biotechnology Center is a high school option for those students interested in a STEM program with an agricultural focus. SAE (Supervised Agriscience Experience) work involvement in meaningful hands-on experiences assists in developing our students’ skills and knowledge for future career application. Enrollment in UConn ECE (Early College Experience) courses provides dual (high school and college) credit. Please consider joining our Ag family!”

-Linda S. Paslov, Ed.D., Director, Trumbull Agriscience and Biotechnology Center