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All student-athletes must abide by the following CIAC Rules of Eligibility:

1. A student must take at least four major subjects.

2. A student must pass at least four major subjects and attend class regularly.

3. Failed courses causing ineligibility must be made up the next marking period; a student-athlete must wait until the next report card to become eligible again.

4. A student must be in grades 9, 10, 11, or 12 to be on a high school team.


5. Students in grades 9, 10, 11, or 12 cannot participate in the same branch of athletics for more than four consecutive years.

6. A student cannot play or represent THS in more than one sport in any one season.

7. Any student turning 19 on or after September 1 is eligible to play on a team.

8. After attending the first scheduled practice, a school team member cannot play with another team in that sport.

9. Any student who changes from one CIAC member school to another, without a change of address or legal guardianship, must sit out from athletic competition for thirty days.

Absences: A student-athlete who has been absent from school all day may not practice a sport after school. In order to participate in an athletic contest, a student-athlete must attend at a minimum the first four or the last four periods of the day of an athletic contest. Any extenuating circumstances will be given special consideration by the Athletic Director.

Attendance at Practice: Student-athletes are expected to attend all practices and contests including those scheduled for vacation periods. Unexcused absences will have consequences. An injured athlete is required to be present at practice sessions unless excused by the trainer.

Travel: Student-athletes are required to travel to and from contests on the team bus under the supervision of a coaching staff member. Extenuating circumstances need a travel release form to be filled out 24 hours in advance. These forms can be obtained from the coach. No student can drive themselves to any away competition.

Valuables: Student-athletes should leave all valuables at home; not in the locker room! They should lock all lockers properly. Student-athletes are recommended to provide additional locks for security.

Earning of letters: The requirements for earning a letter vary widely from sport to sport. In general, those playing varsity receive a certificate, varsity letter, fleece or patch; those on the JV team receive a JV letter; freshmen receive the numerals of their graduation year.

Equipment: Student-athletes are responsible for returning all equipment issued to them during their sport's season.

  • The student-athlete will be financially responsible for any lost equipment/uniforms. All such financial obligations must be paid within one week after the end of the sport's season.
  • No student-athlete will receive an athletic award, report card, nor will further equipment be issued, until all outstanding equipment has been returned and all financial obligations have been met.
  • Trumbull High School athletic equipment in the possession of a student-athlete after a sport's season conclusion will be considered stolen and dealt with according