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Expectations of the Updated Attendance Policy – A Parental Guide

Clarification Points
1. The terms, excused and unexcused, sometimes get confusing under the policy. For the purpose of this policy, both types of absences count against the attendance bank. However, the excused  category allows for students to make up their missed work.
2. The policy has a major intervention emphasis. Its basis is to be sure that all sectors of the school are involved in attempts to improve student seat time. Teachers, Guidance personnel, support staff, and Administrators all have their specific role in the execution of the policy. Therefore, it may at some points appear redundant and repetitive, but as this is essentially a multi-tier approach, the benefits accrue internally as many staff members become a stronger part of the process to meet the needs of the students.
3. Consider reviewing all the tenets of the policy itself by accessing the link:
Trumbull High School Attendance Policy
4. The appeal process happens twice a year, at mid-year in January, and in June. The appeals committee will concentrate on all the appeals, and make appropriate determinations relative to the evidence presented. The Nurses’ office will provide additional consultation during the process.
5. Since parental notification will be ongoing throughout the year, and due to the fact that many staff members are involved in the process, the family needs to be highly involved with the Guidance Department and their student’s teachers to closely track attendance/grading progress.